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Harlekijntje and Covid-19 safety rules

During lock down we don't offer in person music classes. But we have some online options!

Online parent-child music classes 

During lockdown we teach online parent-child classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Classes are through Zoom. it's an active class for child AND parent.  You can sign up per lesson. Tuition is € 4.

Wednesday 10 - 10.30 am (1-4 yrs)

Saturday 9.30 - 10 am (1-4 yrs)

Saturday 10.15 - 10.45 am (1-4 yrs)

Saturday 11 - 11.30 am for babies 4 - 12 months

For information and sign up send an e-mail to Saskia

Two days before the lesson you'll get an e-mail with information, a Zoom link and a payment request.


Toddle Tunes, 30 English songs by Saskia Beverloo

Front cover Toddle TunesFront cover Toddle Tunes

As a gift to the Utah chapter of the American Orff Schulwerk Association (AOSA) Saskia put many of her English songs together. Joep van Gurp edited and Tineke Vlaming made pictures. The result is Toddle Tunes. Available at Saskia.

Song-picture book Voor alles een liedje (A Song for Everything) 

illustration songbookillustration songbook











Saskia Beverloo and Tineke Vlaming are proud to announce their picture-songbook Voor alles een liedje. The book has 30 songs on daily activities for young children: getting up, getting dressed, playing with blocks, balls, going outside, reading books, going by bike, bus, boat, soothing, eating, tooth brushing, going to bed.
The book provides a lot of ideas for activities with the songs. The book has sheet music with chords. The book has a cd with beautiful arrangements with all the songs and an instrumental version to sing along.

Music center Harlekijntje offers:

Fun with music courses (Muziek op Schoot) for parents and young children (0-4 years)

Music education 'play with music' (Spelen met Muziek); for 4- 7 yrs

Music education + recorder; classes for 7- 11 yrs (AMV Muziekavontuur)
Workshops for teachers in day care centers
Workshops for parent nights
Workshops for students child development
Music entertainment in day care centers and elementary schools
International music classes

Fun with music for parents and young children (0 - 4 years)

Sign up for the spring course, starting after the lockdown. Courses start September (Fall classes), November (winter classes), February (spring classes) and May (summer classes). The weekly 40 minutes classes open with a welcome song in which Harlekijntje (a harlequin puppet) welcomes every child. Songs, dances, rhythm and movement follow the welcome song. Every activity is repeated several times. This gives the child the time to recognize and thus enjoy. The class ends with a quiet good-bye song. For the infants we sing about life experiences like getting dressed and going to sleep. We dance and play with sounds. We use scarfs, baby books, bells and toys. The toddlers and pre-schoolers do a lot of movement: clapping, stamping and dancing. Many activities include materials such as building with blocks, balls and rhythm instruments. When a parent is singing and dancing with the little one it benefits the parent-child bonding, helps language development, is a good exercise for motor skills and.... it is just FUN! 

Many of the musical activities are related to the seasons: 
In the fall course we present songs and other musical activities about rain and storm, autumn leaves, spiders and toadstools.
In the winter we start with music activities around Sinterklaas and Christmas, later we have fun with songs about snow and sledding. Blowing your nose and cold hands are less painful with a song. 
In the spring we enjoy songs and movement activities about daffodils and tulips, ladybugs, young animals and going outside. 
In the summer we have fun with activities about butterflies, the sea, and the sun. And for all this activities we have beautiful materials and rhythm instruments,.


Parent-Child music classes 2020/2021


Parent-child classes are taught on the following days and locations:

All classes are in the morning hours.

SIGN UP FOR CLASSES HERE The form is in Dutch. In case of difficulties contact the teacher by phone or e-mail. 

For the classes in Barneveld, applications go through Muziekschool Barneveld. Click here to enter the application page.

Feel free to contact one of the teachers for additional information.
Routes to all our class locations.

Play with Music

Singing at the end of the year performance Singing at the end of the year performance This course for 4-6 year olds is an after school program. During the school year two courses are offered: fall (September - December) and winter/spring (January - June). It's offered on Tuesdays  in Wageningen and Thursdays in Bennekom. Classes are in Dutch, but children who don't speak Dutch are welcome to join; music is a universal language!

For additional Dutch information see lessen-groep 1-6.





Music Adventure with recorder


This after school program is for children 7-10 years old. It's called AMV (Algemene Muzikale Vorming = General Music Education) In this course they learn to play the recorder.

Besides the instrumental instruction, there's a lot of rhythm game, singing, dance, movement, body percussion.

The class is based on Orff Schulwerk Music Education.
Saskia Beverloo is a certified Orff teacher.
Classes are offered on Tuesdays in Wageningen and Thursdays in Bennekom.
For additional information see AMV-lessen.

Teacher training in day care centers

Music is fun! Workshops for teachers combine theory and practice in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. We offer the following: 
A two-hour workshop; 
After a short introduction about musical development of young children, we practice new songs and movement activities. With a lot of hands-on activities we develop ideas on music in daily childcare activities. 

A year-round training; quarterly workshops of two-and-a-half-hour each. 
During these workshops you learn how children develop musically, 
How to make a balanced music program, 
How music nurtures a child's cognitive, emotional, social, language and 
physical development. 
In each of the workshops songs, chants and movement activities 
about the current season (for example: a movement game with colored leaves in the fall, sled-riding song + activity in winter or a butterfly song with butterfly finger puppets in summer). 

The number of workshop participants is limited to twelve, so that each one receives attention and support during exercises. 
A visit from the music teacher to the day care center, prior to the teacher training, is recommended. 
It gives the music teacher the opportunity to make the training appropriate to the group of day care teachers.

Workshops for parent nights

Kids of all ages are naturally drawn to music. Infants coo at lullabies, toddlers bang on pots and pans with a wooden spoon, and preschoolers sing and dance to music. 
Children learn a variety of skills from musical experiences. Shaking, tapping and beating instruments enhance fine motor development. Children listening for a beat, the sounds of different instruments, tones and lyrics are developing auditory discrimination. Kids can experience the emotional effects of music by listening to end creating music that is soothing, exciting, or funny.
Music promotes creative development as children experiment with new rhythms, sounds and movements. 
In this workshop parents get many ideas how to use music in the home. This workshop takes about one-and-a-half hour. Making a little shaker to take home can extend this workshop.

Workshop for students child development

Workshops for students are mainly the same as those for day care teachers.

Music workshops in day care centers

Whenever there's something to celebrate, there should be music! 
Music center Harlekijntje offers a 40-minute program for children, parents and teachers. 

For information on all courses 
cell phone + 31 (0)6 4764 1952 
email info@harlekijntje.nl or funwithmusic@gmail.com


In 2008 Saskia presented at the AOSA (American Orff Schulwerk Association) National Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.
She presented two demonstration classes with parents and toddlers. 
Singing, dancing and making music together: parent-child bonding, language acquisition, developing motor skills, social skills and musical skills. 
See the benefits of parent-child classes at work.
In 2016 she presented at the national conference of ECMMA (Early Childhood Music and Movement Association) in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

In 2019 she presented at the MERYC conference in Ghent, Belgium.

Music educator Saskia Beverloo lived in Geneva, upstate New York, in 1992 and in Utah, USA, in 1999, 2003-2004 and 2009. 
She taught music classes for young children in day care centers, at Utah State University and at home.
In June 2012 she obtained her Orff teacher certification. She is a USA licensed Orff Level I Movement teacher.
In 2013 Saskia won the Annie Langelaar award with the song De vier jaargetijdenboom (the four seasons tree).
Summer 2016, 2018 and 2019 she was the Movement instructor at Orff Music Education level I at Utah State University. 

In 2017 the song book Voor alles een liedje (voor everything a song) was published. 

A variety of resources is used to prepare lessons, including original compositions.